Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft has had an office productivity suite for many years that downloaded as programs onto computers. Now the emphasis is on the Cloud and working inside web browsers with others. This Workplace Education program will show business owners and employees how to work online with Microsoft apps by themselves and with others.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 contains all the apps we need to stay productive and collaborate with others. It is the predominant office suite out on the market.

Build Your Future With Alpha Social Media Inc

With over 8,350 hours of Workplace Education delivered to Nova Scotia business owners and employees since 2007, Jeff Brown has learned a thing or two about social media marketing and business. Workplace Education is one of the best ways to learn, and partner with other business owners and employees, to see valuable skills transferred that create real-world results. You can benefit from all those years of learning.

  • International Focus – Local focus that creates worldwide impact
  • Online Courses – Experience Microsoft 365 with others online
  • Focus On People – Learn how to use Microsoft 365 in a customized environment
  • Participant Dedication – Focused on participant learning and skills transfer
  • Real Results – Working to create transferable skills for real world results

Workplace Education allows participants to partner together in the learning process. It is one of the most effective ways to learn how to use social media marketing for your business. Now is your time to make a difference in your future.

Customized For Maximum Skills Transfer

The 40-hour social media marketing program is broken down into 11-week segments. Each class is 3 1/2 hours in length. This provides enough learning time but does not totally exhaust the participant. Each participant is interviewed before the program begins so that the program can be customized to achieve maximum benefit. We believe that one size does not fit all. Each program has a framework, but customization is the key to participant success and skills transfer.

Everyone learns differently. This must be incorporated into the Workplace Education program. A great instructor makes the program not only informative but also enjoyable. When you take a program from Jeff Brown of Alpha Social Media Inc, you get both.

Microsoft 365 Framework

  • Exploring the Screen and Standard Toolbar and Ribbon Tools
  • Templates, Editing Tools, Copy and Paste Options
  • Simple Formulas, Functions and Conditional Formatting
  • Formatting
  • Date, Accounting, Numbers, Currency, Percentages
  • Printing
  • Single sheet, a portion of the sheet, all sheets, fit to page, Page break Preview, Lock Headings at top of printouts on multiple sheets
  • Setting up, navigating, sending and receiving messages
  • Inserting tables, graphics, and images to emails in Outlook emails
  • Using Folders and Rules for better email organization
  • Managing multiple calendars
  • Working with documents, navigating, editing text and formatting
  • Setting up, navigating, and storing files in Windows Explorer and OneDrive
  • More effective use of MS Outlook
  • More effective use of MS Word
  • More effective use of MS Excel
  • More effective use of PowerPoint
  • More effective use on Microsoft OneDrive
  • More effective use of OneNote
  • More effective use of Microsoft Sway

Connect with us for more details.

Customized Content For Today’s Business

You want to learn more. And you need to learn more to see the results you want for your business and those businesses you manage.

Here is a more detailed outline of what we will learn in this program:

Participants will learn how to be safe online, and learn about different ways to secure Microsoft Office and Windows.
Participants will understand how to install, how to navigate and how to work with OneDrive/SharePoint as a Cloud storage system.
participants will understand how to install Microsoft Outlook, how to navigate arounf in Microsoft Outlook and how to perform daily tasks with Microsoft Outlook.
Participants will understand how to locate Microsoft OneNote, how to navigate OneNote and how to work with Microsoft OneNote.
Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Word to perform daily document editing and colaboration with others.
Participants will understand how to locate Microsoft Sway, how to navigate and how to work with Microsoft Sway.
Participants will learn how build online presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint.
Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Excel  speadsheets for their business.
Participants will learn how to use more Microsoft Excel operations.
Participants will learn how to use Microsoft Forms to to obtain vital information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Microsoft 365 Program Requirements

The programs will be offered virtually in an online classroom setting in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations. Therefore, the programs must be taken on a computer, laptop, or tablet; phones will not be an acceptable device. Participants must have an Internet connection, hardwired preferred to wi-fi, high speed (no dial-up). Headset or earbuds must be used, and the participants must have a webcam, if no camera on their laptop; video participation is a requirement, to ensure the connection to the instructor and other participants. A quiet place to focus is required, free from distractions. These details will be part of the INA process.

Participants must have good computer skills.

Build Your Future With Alpha Social Media Inc

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JEFF BROWNProgram Instructor
Jeff Brown has delivered more than 8350 hours of Workplace Education training to businesses in Nova Scotia since 2007. That is over 210 Workplace Education programs.