Learning to adapt to a changing digital marketing world.

What a week it has been on digital marketing platforms. Accounts are being suspended. Social media platforms are being removed from servers. And let’s not forget all the concerns around social media network security.  All of this has happened over a short period of time. It is causing many markets and business leaders concern to say the least.

Changing digital marketing landscape for business

Follow your instincts

Over the last few days, Twitter has taken a tumble according to Zero Hedge. What happens if Twitter continues to follow a downward trend? Facebook has had its challenges over the last several weeks. Even the ACLU has expressed concerns about what is happening online. And did you know that Parler.com was hacked and everyone that put their driver’s license on their has their information flying in the wind?

As businesses strive to figure out where to best place their efforts, they are comforted with a shifting unstable landscape. Did I tell you that businesses prefer stability? Well, Dorothy, this isn’t Kansas anymore.

So what are we to do? From my experience of 13 years of being in business, we are going to have to do some research and listen to our gut. We are going to have to try to make the best decisions we can. But at the end of the day, we are going to have to follow our instincts. I like to call this our best-educated guess.

“A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others”. John C. Maxwell

Over the next period of time, we are going to have to find our place in the flow of business. And to truly be successful, we are going to have to find that place where we truly influence and help others solve their problems, and help others stay safe.

The only guarantee in business is that the landscape will continue to shift and change. We have to be master adapters to the change that comes.

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