Advanced WordPress Skills for Your Business

You have a website and now it is time to help it do better in search and increase website functionality further. This program builds on the WordPress Level 1 program. This program is designed to move from the basic concepts into more advanced concepts.

WordPress Training Level 2

Over an 11 week program, you will learn how to take your WordPress website to the next level. Your site is built. Now you want it to show up better in search and have superpowers. This program is for you.

Learn How To Take Your WordPress Website To The Next Level With Alpha Social Media Inc

With over 8,350 hours of Workplace Education delivered to Nova Scotia business owners and employees since 2007, Jeff Brown has learned a thing or two about social media marketing and business. Workplace Education is one of the best ways to learn, and partner with other business owners and employees, to see valuable skills transferred that create real-world results. You can benefit from all those years of learning.

  • International Focus – Local focus that creates worldwide impact
  • Online Courses – Experience WordPress Web Design with others online
  • Focus On People – Learn how to make a website that is user friendly
  • Participant Dedication – Focused on participant learning and skills transfer
  • Real Results – Working to create online results in realtime online

Workplace Education allows participants to partner together in the learning process. It is one of the most effective ways to learn how to use social media marketing for your business. Now is your time to make a difference in your future.

Customized For Maximum Skills Transfer

The 40-hour social media marketing program is broken down into 11-week segments. Each class is 3 1/2 hours in length. This provides enough learning time but does not totally exhaust the participant. Each participant is interviewed before the program begins so that the program can be customized to achieve maximum benefit. We believe that one size does not fit all. Each program has a framework, but customization is the key to participant success and skills transfer.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Everyone learns differently. This must be incorporated into the Workplace Education program. A great instructor makes the program not only informative but also enjoyable. When you take a program from Jeff Brown of Alpha Social Media Inc, you get both.

WordPress Level 2 Framework

  • Working with Security plugins
  • Creating and maximizing website images
  • Keyword research
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Search and Google Search Console dynamics
  • Page speed fundamentals
  • Maximizing video for websites
  • Working with Schema
  • Using reCaptcha to avoid needless bots
  • Checking and repairing broken website links

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Customized Content For Today’s Business

Your business website is your invisible salesperson. It helps you create opportunities while you sleep. You must learn how to create greater visibility and reach for your website. If you want to build a website that converts, this program is for you.

WordPress Training Keyword

Here is a more detailed outline of what we will learn in this program:

Participants will check and install a WordPress security plugin on their website if they do not have one. They will learn about the settings of a WordPress security plugin in greater detail, they will install the Google Tag Manager and understand how to add Google Analytics to it if needed and they will also install the Facebook Pixel on their website via the Google Tag Manager.
Participantswill be able to create an image canvas using Photoshop. They will add a photo to the canvas, adjust the size of the photo, remove a background from an image, and then save the image as a specific file type, they will learn how to clone an image from one place to another, they will learn how to perform more advanced image work and they will learn how to use Canva to do many of the same things.
Participants will conduct keyword searches and compile the search results in a program like Microsoft Excel. They will determine what keywords are most relevant for showing up in the searches they feel their potential customers will conduct and they will begin implementing these keywords in their web pages and posts.
Participants will be able to understand the basics of how SEO works. They will be able to write titles that will impact the site SEO rank, they will understand how the first paragraph on the page affects the “descriptive” meta tag, they will be to understand how to make smart URL slugs and they will be to understand how to write content that will enhance page SEO.
Participants will be able locate and navigate to the various sections of the Google Search Console. They will be able to locate crawler errors and learn how to fix them, they will be able to add a sitemap to the Search Console, they will be able to understand what keywords bring people to their site and they will be able to see where they are showing up in Google.
Participants will be able to perform more advanced skills with Google Analytics. They will be able to perform more advanced procedures with Google Search Console, they will be able to locate and understand Google Analytics metrics for their website and they will be able to locate and understand where website traffic is coming from.
Participants will be able check and measure their website page load speed. They will understand how and when to use a caching plugin and they will learn best website design fundamentals for best load times.
Participants will learn how to set up a YouTube site for video if they have not done so already. They will understand how to create a video that gets viewer attention, they will understand some basic video editing techniques and best practices, they will understand how to upload a video to YouTube and maximize settings for optimum visibility and they will understand how to embed a video from YouTube to a WordPress site that does not show other videos, while the option is still working.
Participants will learn how website and code can give them an added advantage when it comes to visibility. They will learn how to read code so that they can harvest competitor’s keywords and strategies and they will learn how to work with Schema and a Schema plugin.
Participants will learn how to check and repair broken links on their website.

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WordPress Level 2 Requirements

The programs will be offered virtually in an online classroom setting in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations. Therefore, the programs must be taken on a computer, laptop, or tablet; phones will not be an acceptable device. Participants must have an Internet connection, hardwired preferred to wi-fi, high speed (no dial-up). Headset or earbuds must be used, and the participants must have a webcam, if no camera on their laptop; video participation is a requirement, to ensure the connection to the instructor and other participants. A quiet place to focus is required, free from distractions. These details will be part of the INA process.

Participants must have completed WordPress Level 1 or have demonstrated the ability to participate in Level 2.

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JEFF BROWNProgram Instructor
Jeff Brown has delivered more than 8350 hours of Workplace Education training to businesses in Nova Scotia since 2007. That is over 210 Workplace Education programs.